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Led display Module-Cabinet
Led Module Cabinet

How to divide the kinds of Modules?
1. 3in1 SMD Series
2. 3to1 SMD Series
3. Outdoor Full Colordisplay Real Pixel Series
4. Virtual Pixel Series
5. Stage-Use Series
Unit Module Features: Flexible structure, simple configuration, easy assembly, easy usage, and easy maintenance. Through easy connection, with controlling system and power supply, it can be assembled into outdoor/indoor displays of variout specifications.
The specifications include(Divided by Pixel Configuration): Ph6, Ph10, Ph12, Ph16, Ph18, Ph20, Ph25, Ph31.25, Ph37.5, Ph40, etc..
The Cabinet Features: 1280*1280, 1280*960, 1024*1024, 1024*768, 768*768, Flat, Arc-shaped, Hanging Waterproof, Sealed, Simple etc..
Detailed parameter list
Led Lighting
LED fluorescent tube
Solar street light
LED Lighting products, as the representative of Green Energy, get strongly support from Government, and gradually replace Traditional Light, they are widely used in our life.
Detailed parameter list
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