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LED display background wall for Indian IIFA International Film Week
Company News-(2010-1-7 9:17:00)

Indian IIFA International Film Week, the film event get the world's attention, India International Film Institute (IIFA) was founded in 2000, the annual IIFA film weeks were held in countries and regions outside India, goal is to promote Indian films to the world. At the same time, seeking to work with the host country, carry out exchanges and cooperation in all aspects. The three-day Tenth India IIFA Film Week held at the Venetian Macao Resort in June 11, the Indian film star, being well-known more than forty years, IIFA Ambassador Amida Bashan (Amitabh Bachchan) is the focus of the film week. Organizers, India International Film Institute (IIFA), want to promote Indian films to international commercial and trade exchanges with India and China combined.
LED display background wall for Indian IIFA International Film Week
FRIDA LCD competes with many LED display enterprises, and come to the fore by strength, became the stage background manufacturers of the tenth IIFA Film Week, and tailored LED display background wall for the film event, Frida Led success to deliver products as customer's request dates. The stage Background wall made by PH6, PH10, and PH16, total area is 180 square. Integrated with scene, nice display made the atmosphere of scene exciting.
Cooperation between Frida Led and International Film Institute is the development of the china-Indian culture exchanges, Frida Led go to the world stage through its strength, creating the FRIDA LED display brand-pass of the world!
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