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Development analysis and calculate of China's LED Industry
Company News-(2010-8-13 11:12:58)

As the Green energy, LED is environment-friendly, energy-saving and long life, so LED industry has become one of today most promising industries.
In China, the LED industry has attracted more and more attention from Chinese private investors and government. From 2009 to 2010 Chinas LED industry has received a huge investment, and the number of LED manufacturers is still on the increase, Because of the advantage of LED products, they are widely used in our life.
Development analysis and calculate of China's LED Industry
LED Displays, with rich color, picture and immediate, dynamic display mode, perfect display effects and strong visual impact, displays the information, text, pictures, animation and video with a variety of ways, it will become an epoch-making product in information Communication. LED Lighting products, as the representative of Green Energy, get strongly support from Government, and gradually replace Traditional Light.
Although the output value is not yet large, there is no doubt about its great development speed and potential. The aims of Chinese government is to make it into the top 3 of global LED industry, And it will come true in the future.
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