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The Macau Mobile media vehical led display
In recent years, the led industry develops rapidly, outdoor advertising gets innovation, vehical led display has become the most popular form of advertising. Beautiful appearance, leading technology, moving in the busy downtown, and allow customers to advertising everywhere. By the Feature of strong Mobility, vehical led display are widely used in events broadcasting, celebration parade, mobile advertising!
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The Macau Mobile media vehical led display
The Macau Mobile media vehical led display

Product Type: ph10
Pixel pitch: 10mm
Pixel Configuration: 1R1G1B
Pixel Density: 10000Dot
Brightness: >9000CD/square
Resolution/Cabinet: 336*176Dot
Total area: 5.92*3 Square
LED Driver: Constant driver 1/4 scan
Protection Level: 65IP
Viewing Distance: movable
Position: Macau of china
The Macau Mobile media vehical led display is one of the many classical vehical projects, total area is 20 square, three side display, and it has following more features:
High-definition display, amazing visual effect; High technology on Anti-vibration to make sure a good trip; With mobile and synchronous displayed advertisements, the truck go through the busy city so that you can find your advertisement everywhere.
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