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Green energy LED fluorescent tube light our lives
LED fluorescent tube has a high electro-optical conversion efficiency, saving energy 70%-80% than traditional light; LED light has no UV and infrared, no radiation, small glare, Moerover, it is recyelable and no pollution; Don't contain mercury, cold light source, it is can be safely touched; Unique design and materials, starts fast, the life of 6 million hours is the traditional fluorescent tube life of 10 times.
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Green energy LED fluorescent tube light our lives
Green energy LED fluorescent tube light our lives

Product no: LED fluorescent tube
LED Quantity: DIP144, 288, 360
Material: 1/3 Aluminum 2/3 PC
Work Voltage: 9W, 18W, 24W
Light Color: white
Luminance FLux: 860LM, 1720LM, 2160LM
Work Voltage: AC90-265V
CCT: 2800K-3200K 6000K-6500K 6500K-7500K
specifications: 0.6m, 1.2m, 1.5m
LED fluorescent tube
Power Factor: >80%
Beam Angle: >120
CRI: Ra>80
Life Span: 50000h
Product Application: Because the existence of many advantages, LED fluorescent tubes are widely used in family lighting and commercial lighting, gradually replace the traditional fluorescent tube, and become the favorite lighting.
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